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How To Address Negative Reviews
By Richard Roll May 23, 2015

Richard Roll, CEO and Founder of reputation marketing company, has recently discussed a Case Study involving a negative review impacting a local Florida business.

( — May 23, 2015) Stamford, CT — was created with the mission of using the best available local marketing technologies to allow local franchisers and business owners to cost-effectively grow their businesses within their specific niches. CEO and Founder Richard Roll explained his company’s philosophy is to utilize the most proven platforms and templates available to bring businesses and franchises profitable, new customers on a local level. The company also helps businesses recover from negative reviews that may be impacting their business. Roll recently discussed a Case Study involving a local Florida Eye and Surgery Center with a negative review that impacted its business for years, and how his company was able to save the business from further damage caused by this review.

“Reviews are meant to be a tool for consumers to let others know whether or not a business or product is what they claim after experiencing it themselves,” Roll explained. “We recently had a local Georgia Eye and Surgery Center who had one bad review on Google+ that just would not go away. That one review sat there for all current and future clients to see, and it certainly effected their business. Even though Google+ requires credentials and a login from patients before they can actually post reviews, we were still able to build a platform with our client’s own proprietary review process that we currently use for all our Reputation Marketing clients.”

Richard Roll went on to explain that, over just a short period of time, eight new five-star Google+ reviews were posted on his client’s page, essentially washing away the negative review that plagued the Eye and Surgery Center for so long.

“Almost overnight, was able to virtually erase a resilient negative review on client’s Google+ business page that for years had been bringing down their overall online reputation with eight new recent and authoritative Five-Star Reviews from real patients. That’s the kind of result that we like to get, and we’re very proud to share that with the business community.”

Using tools already in place, the local reputation marketing company is able to help local businesses grow and compete profitably. Along with providing services such as customized Google+ Local submission, custom postcard marketing, proactive RSB reviews systems and more, the company also uses custom platforms to wash away negative business reviews with positive reviews from real clients, patients or customers.

Case Study 2

ReadySetBOOM.Com Announces New Service To Help Businesses Combat Negative Online Reviews
June 3, 2015 (RSB), a leading national online reputation company based in Stamford, CT, announced a new Reputation Marketing service today that helps businesses and professional practices overcome their negative reviews, and turn them into a positive. It is hoped that this will encourage more companies to focus more on their reputation management. The service is already in use by prominent RSB clients in the legal, health, and business services industries.

“Even the best business or medical practice can get a negative review,” says Richard Roll, CEO and founder of and Executive Producer of “The only question is, are you aware when you receive bad reviews so that you can protect your business reputation? What steps are you taking to cushion and turn around these negative reviews?” cited a client case study involving a large medical/surgical practice client in Florida. The RSB 24/7 online monitoring service picked up a new review posted on Yelp! and automatically notified the practice manager. The review claimed that the doctor had crossed ethical lines, making jokes using sexually inappropriate language and jokes about domestic violence. Upon leaving a complaint at the offices, the patient was told that the issue would be researched, but was told that she had most likely misheard or misunderstood. Additionally, the woman taking the complaint suggested that many of the practice’s patients were “old ladies.” To make the problem worse, the patient was given conflicting aftercare information and felt dismissed and unheard after querying on this. The review then went on to state that there had been errors in billing that were all but impossible to resolve.

But thanks to the alert service and coaching, the practice manager was alerted immediately and able to contact the patient, listen to her complaints, and take corrective action. As a result, the patient left a revised four-star review on Yelp!, highlighting how happy she now is because all her prior issues are now resolved.

The core of’s business is focused on growing client businesses through video, Reputation Marketing and other online strategies. RSB provides clients with an easy to use proprietary platform to obtain customer reviews, with goals and monthly reports, as well as live instant review notifications and streaming of reviews to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and other major social media sites. RSB’s tools also help customers with strategies to handle negative reviews, thereby ensuring they are constructively managed and do not have a negative impact on the business growth as a whole.

A number of recent statistics highlight the importance of online reviews in today’s local marketplace online. Firstly, 90% of people read online reviews before deciding to spend at a business. Additionally, people who submit reviews are more likely to leave a positive review (90%) than a negative one (10%). It was also found that 79.6% of those leaving a negative review would consider changing their review if a manager in the company contacted them to try and resolve the problem, (36.9%), if a staff member contacted them (23.7%), or if the issue would be corrected via email or telephone (19.1%). 63.2% of people leave online reviews within two days of purchase, and 22.4% leave it the same day. This shows the importance of instant alerts.

“These statistics show how important reviews are to the success and growth of a business today” adds Richard Roll. “What we do helps our client make sure that these statistics are working in their favor, building their local or regional business through a great online reputation.”

For a free White Paper, “How Google Took Over Your Website and You Didn’t Even Know It,” and further information on managing negative revie and the services of, send your request by email to RSB today at or call 800-260-9688.

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